Changing Breast Implants

Have you decided that your current breast implants are a little too large for your frame? Or have you experienced a rupture or other issue from a previous surgery? Perhaps, you feel like your breast implants no longer fit your shape post-pregnancy?

Regardless, women in San Diego who have concerns about their current breast implants can turn to Dr. Shumway for a procedure known as breast implant exchange. Dr. Shumway can discuss a variety of options as well as various procedures for changing breast implants. This exchange is a surgery done under IV Sedation to remove either a pair of implants or a single one (in the case of asymmetrical breasts or a possible rupture) and replace them with new implants that suit your body and your lifestyle.

Am I a Exchange Candidate?

Before you consider an implant exchange, it is very important that you are in good overall health and that you disclose all current and prior health conditions as well as any medications and supplements that you take. Dr. Shumway will also assess your breasts and your current implants, your skin and muscle tone, and your overall goals for the surgery. Further, you should have realistic goals and expectations about the procedure and understand that many women have emotions attached to their bodies and breasts: It is normal to feel emotional about the surgery.

Additional Information

Following are a few other items to keep in mind if you’re considering a breast implant exchange:

  • You will need to wear a special surgical bra after the procedure and will likely have some mild bruising and swelling. Everyone heals at a different pace, but it’s very important to take care of your body during this time – eat well, rest, light exercise, and, of course, follow all your doctor’s instructions regarding breast care.
  • Many women have a breast lift performed at the same time as an implant exchange; this is another option that you can discuss with Dr. Shumway during your consultation.
  • Communicate with Dr. Shumway throughout the entire process so that your new implants are perfect for your size, shape, activity level, and goals.